Friday, October 16, 2020

Donald J. Trump (An Appreciation)

A man whose unwavering faith in our electoral framework continues to instill confidence.

A man unafraid to hold the head of the Executive Branch personally accountable when infectious disease threatens the populace.

A man of science who recognizes the value of a governor's power to quarantine citizens during a health crisis.

A man constantly striving to elevate political discourse.

A man righteously indignant when someone with an infectious disease would put their own comfort above the safety of those they encounter.

A man brave enough to hold leaders accountable when they put leisure time ahead of pressing issues.

 A man of inexhaustible affection for the disadvantaged.

A man who encourages public protest as a path to national reconciliation and healing.

A man unafraid to demand accountability for elected officials who pay unconscionably-low tax rates.

 A man with zero tolerance for any presidential candidate's lack of transparency regarding their personal documents and records.

A man who refuses to trivialize solemn occasions.

A man who walks the walk.

A man whose intelligence needs no introduction.

A man with little patience for the uninformed.

A man who bravely denounces any attempts to impugn the integrity of a sitting president based on "anonymous sources."

A man whose understated love of diversity is only narrowly eclipsed by his grasp of linguistics.

A man of faith refusing to sit idly by and let a politician use Holy Scripture as a political prop.

A man who holds our military personnel in high esteem even when they disagree with him.

A man who appreciates and defends a storied journalist's obligation to speak truth to those in power.

A man who resists the urge to take cheap shots. 

A man who resists the urge to flippantly invoke impeachment to score political points.

A man tirelessly fighting the nefarious forces that would keep Americans from utilizing life-saving vaccines.

A man who refuses to publicly kowtow to foreign despots.

A man who in stands in stark contrast to those presidents who would spend time and energy seeking a second term while the country they helm is beset by serious issues.

Perhaps, most importantly, a man who embraces the qualities of leadership.