Monday, December 14, 2009

Put That In Your Medicinal Pipe & Smoke It...

Take a good look at the young man that appears in the photograph above this article, for his is the new face of America’s entrepreneurial spirit. While we have grown accustomed to seeing such portraits captioned with phrases like “Standardized Test Score Plummet”, “Crime Stoppers Alert”, or “Captain D’s Employee Caught Urinating in Deep Fryer”; it just so happens that Jason Irwin is a Colorado small agricultural business owner who specializes “medicinal marijuana.”

For Jason it all began with a dream, a dream that he could combine his passion for cheeba and his aversion to higher education into a venture that would prove his guidance counselors wrong. The only thing that stood in his way was startup capital and criminal prosecution. Fortunately, Colorado is one of 14 states that recently legalized the use of medical marijuana leaving Mr. Irwin with only the lack of funding.

It was at this point his mother Diane, a successful salon owner, decided to sell her business and hitch her wagon to Jason’s star by handing him a percentage of the proceeds to “do what he thought was best .” Jason quickly purchased 40 acres of land, a modestly under furnished trailer, and a cache of Kottonmouth Kings T-Shirts. Although the mobile estate had no running water or heat, Jason had his mother take up solitary residence there in order to keep an eye on the harvest.

Their diligence seems to have paid off as the mother / son team is now grossing over $5,000 dollars a month and planning to expand their operation and they are not alone. The movement is so popular that it has been dubbed “The Green Rush” by local media.

But which poor suffering souls are the recipients of the cannabis balm? Cancer patients? The terminally ill? CNN decided to profile Zack Moore, who uses the devil’s lettuce to treat the aches and pains that still linger from a snowboarding accident where he lost two teeth. His bravery should inspire us all……

All of this is made possible because a patient only needs to see a doctor one time in order to get a prescription and apply for a $100 card that allows them to “blaze a medicinal fattie.” This $100 card never expires and the state is flooded with an average of 900 new applications a day.

Maybe smoking weed is a career choice after all……

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